Is your relationship on the rocks? If it is, there are certain things that go through one’s mind when things are not working in your favour. 

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You need to sit down and contemplate your love life before making any decision. Here are three questions to ask yourself when you feel your relationship isn’t working:

1. How have I been intimidated?

At times, your partner can be intimidating. You need to find out how your partner has been intimidating you before making any decision. If it is something you cannot resolve, the best thing is to walk out.

2. Does my partner always blame me for things I haven’t done?

Blame game is not good for your relationship. You need a partner who understands you all the time. A right partner will never blame you for the things you have not done. Make sure you are the kind of person who is treated right all the time. 

3. Is ending the relationship going to improve my life?

Determine how ending the affair will change your life. Never take a step without knowing the impact of the same.  Reflect on your relationship before making any major decision. A relationship is not worth fighting for if you can do better without them. Establish whether you need your partner or not.