Sealing a marriage with a wedding is one of the interesting experiences in life. It is the dream of almost each one of us to have a memorable time on their wedding day. Being a bridesmaid is a task many ladies desire to take part in.

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This task involves being supportive of the bride, helping in wedding planning, being by the bride's side during her big day among other roles.

Here are three rules every bridesmaid should follow.

1. Be present 

Do not commit unless you are sure you will be available to help the bride in planning the wedding and be present on the material day. It is important that every bridesmaid knows her duties as far as the wedding is concerned. 

Take your time and ask the bride if there is any help you can accord her.

2. Avoid posting anything related to the wedding without the bride's permission

You could be a social media addict and you feel the urge to post pictures of yourself in your beautiful bridesmaid attire. It is worth keeping in mind that some brides do not want people to know about their wedding. Seek the bride's permission before posting the wedding photos on social media.

3. Keep calm and move on 

Regardless of what happens, don't lose your cool. Do not run away when something goes wrong especially on the special day. Always look for the good side of everything and remember she chose you as her maid since she was sure of your support and trust.