Dixon Kihika Kimani is among the few politicians who, besides leaving a political history, left behind a huge brood of children and a crowd of wives, which is not common among Kikuyu men.

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Kimani who managed to miraculously serve in three different constituencies as MP was the lawmaker for Nakuru North, Laikipia West and Molo between 1974 and 2002.

He is also remembered for his enmity with former President Daniel Moi, being part of the 'change the constitution' team which sought to prevent Moi from automatically succeeding Mzee Jomo Kenyatta after his (Kenyatta) death in 1978.

He was as well a funny and proud figure who repeatedly bragged that he had enough wealth to do whatever he wanted, including marrying as many women as he wanted.

Kihika who owned huge tracts of land, courtesy of the Ngwataniro Mutukanio Land Buying Company, would tell crowds that he could even marry a new wife every six months as he had the ability to look after them.

"Hata sasa nikitaka naweza chukua wanawake tatu, nne, niende nao kwangu kwa sababu nina mali (Even now I can take away three or four women and marry them away because I have wealth)," he would say.

Such an instance is when the MP, then approaching 70, appeared with a small baby of about three years for a press conference at his Engashura home.

A journalist sought to know if the baby was his, considering his age, and the answer came hard and merciless.

"Ona gaka no gaku mutongoria? (You have fathered this one too Mheshimiwa?)," asked Raphael Munge, the Standard journalist.

"Tondu niwe undeithitie gugaciara? (Have I asked for help for you on that matter?)," responded Kihika.

By the time of his death in 2004, he had about eight wives and 41 children, among them Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika.