The ‘Amka Ukatike’ hitmaker, Czars has been hiding in Australia since his disappearance in 2006, a relative has now claimed. 

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According to his alleged cousin Joyce Lorna under the username ‘Mamacats’, the singer disappeared and has been living in Australia all along. 

The singer went missing at the age of 17 and efforts to trace him hit a snag. Czars’ whereabouts have been a subject of concern all along.

The singer, whose real name is Abdulkarim Mohammed disappeared a week before seating for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examination.  The cousin said that the family called for a gathering after he went into hiding before they noticed he had moved to Australia.

 “Czars and I are cousins... When he "allegedly" potead... A family gathering was called tumtafute,” he said, as quoted by Capital FM.

In 2016, his father Abdulkarim Makasi, appealed to President Uhuru Kenyatta to help him find his missing son but his plight apparently landed on deaf ears.

"The situation concerning my son’s disappearance has not changed, so maybe the president could help me find him as it has been ten years since he disappeared and I have not heard any word from authorities,” said the father.