Tanzanians on social media are judging differently how Tanasha Donna embraced Diamond Platnumz's father, Abdul Juma alias Mzee Diamond.

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Tanzanians are saying both Diamond and Tanasha were portraying suspicious facial expressions when embracing Mzee Juma that suggested all was not well as usual.   

During Tanasha's birthday that was held on last Sunday, Diamond's father was among the invited guests. Mzee Diamond came along with his wife, Diamond's stepmother.

Birthday party marked the first meeting between Mzee Juma and the Kenyan media girl Tanasha Donna.

Mzee Juma had nothing unique to say on her daughter-in-law apart from praises. He said Tanasha had all the looks.

He however said, a woman is not just about the good look but also characters, adding that he had no idea about Tanasha's characters, for he was just meeting him for the first time.

"A woman is not just her good look and beauty, it is her characters and behaviours, the level of her ability to suit into the family ....for Tanasha she got the looks, but for now I cannot determine the type of a woman she is, said Mzee Juma

Pictures were taken during the party which showed Tanasha embracing Mzee Juma, the Kenyan girl did not look happy, which has prompted section of online Tanzanians to say it was a forced hug. 

The same could be revealed even when Diamond hugged his father.

Tanasha and Diamond embracing Mzee Juma [Source/Mange Kimambi-IG]

Here are some comments from Tanzanians: