Kenya Defense Forces most trusted ally in the war against Al-Shabaab Sheikh Ahmed Madobe is still a man under siege despite intervention by Kenya and United Nations.

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Jubbaland is set to go for polls in August 21, but a resistance against the Ras Kamboni Brigade commander, who doubles as regional president, is increasingly getting out of hands.

Sheikh Madobe is now blaming President Mohammed Farmaajo for his woes, a move that could deal Kenya a big blow in the ongoing fight against Al-Shabaab.

Earlier on Monday, Electoral Commission of Jubbaland released names of 73 MPs expected to participate in the presidential polls.

"Jubbaland electoral commission releases list of 73 regional MPs selected ahead of the leadership election later this month," wrote Haruf Maruf.

But moments later, the opposition also released another list of MPs, a move which has worsened Madobe's stay on power and a possible rebellion.

"Tit-for-tat as political brinksmanship continues in Jubaland: Pro-opposition electoral commission published their own list of MPs this morning just hours after the electoral commission appointed by the incumbent Ahmed Madobe released its own list of regional lawmakers," he added.

United Nations representative James Swan had last week warned the opposition against undermining the state's constitution. He said that the law ought to be followed.

“We will continue to reiterate the need for a single, agreed process according to the Jubbaland constitution and consistent with the federal provisional constitution, and the need to avoid interference or intimidation of any kind,” the envoy wrote in an August 8 letter to Jubbaland Electoral and Boundaries Commission chairman Hamza Abdi Barre.

Whether or not Madobe wins, the current instability at Jubbaland could jeopardize ongoing efforts to combat Al-Shabaab militants who have made Somalia ungovernable since 2006.