It is the dream of almost each one of us to fall in love with a person who will be by our side no matter the situation. We all desire to meet someone who will love us unconditionally, support us and also protect us. A happy and healthy relationship involves more than just holding hands in public or even remembering your first date.

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Healthy and happy couples work on maintaining their love and living their best lives. Even though being successful in keeping a happy relationship is a bit difficult, healthy couples are able to achieve this by employing the following habits in their day to day lives.

1. Doing chores together

Division of chores is one of the most common causes of conflicts in relationships. Healthy couples make it a priority to do their chores together. This builds unity, closeness, and trust among partners.

It is important to discuss with your partner which task they are more comfortable with.

2. Express appreciation daily

Healthy couples know the impact of positive expression, connection, and intimacy in their relationship. They acknowledge and appreciate each other daily. This makes each one of them feel valued and loved and this plays a great role in keeping their love alive.

3. Willingness to ask for support

Healthy couples do not shy away from asking for help. They recognise the importance of having outside support when they are unable to solve a problem by themselves. These third parties could be marriage counselors, therapists or even other couples who have been married for long.