Have you ever have a man who gets annoyed after having sex with you? It’s not that are bored with you but they want something more special from you. The situation maybe irritating you for long but you don’t have to worry more, here are four surprising things your man wants in bed


Men love when her woman praises him in bed. They want to know that they have that special feeling that turned her woman on. He is also happier when he heard her woman compliments about her outside or when with her.  

Never feel tired of praising him whenever he does a good job on you and fulfill your satisfaction. Keep your morale up and always turn your moods high when together to win his heart easily


Every man loves a woman who talks initiative when it comes to sex. It shows him that her mind is in him all the time and it won’t be turned off if he has sex with you.  

Most men are always happy when they are in charge. A romantic woman takes in charge of sex to turn him on.  This is to put on his moods and make him react accordingly.


Men hate woman who treat sex as a favor. He wants a woman who can show him some enthusiasm when it comes to sex. This is by showing him that you really want sex with him and you are in him always. There is nothing good like having a seductive partner. He always wants a feedback on how you feeling about him. 

Try new tricks

It’s always good to explore new tricks with your partner when in bed. This is to avoid bored situations in your relationship with the used slogan. 

The new tricks will also add flavor and much feeling when it comes to romance. You should know that man should not eat the same food every day.