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4 things you should never lie to your man

Adonijah Nziwa
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Trust is very important in a relationship. The things you say can either weaken or strengthen your relationship. You should be careful with everything you do or say if you want to keep your relationship stronger. Here are four things women should never lie to men about.

1. Your marriage goals

 It is wise to share your marriage goals with your man. Marriage goals entails different things including number of children. Create time so that you can talk about them to make your relationship better over time.

2. Your cooking skills

Every man wants a great cook. If your cooking skills are not good do not fear telling your man. Make him understand your strengthens and weaknesses before settling down.

3. Your bedroom needs

what do you need in the bedroom? How many rounds do you need in bed? Make your man know what he is supposed to do during sex. Sometimes your man might not know how to meet your needs.

4. Your real you

 Do not pretend to be someone else. Talk to your man and make him understand the real you. Faking certain things won’t help you in marriage. Be frank and share everything with your man.

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