Anaemia results from reduced levels of iron in your bloodstream which in turn contributes to reduced levels of red blood cells. This means that your body tissues will not receive enough oxygen to perform their functions effectively and this will lead to pain, poor health and reduced productivity.

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Make sure you keep watch of these signs and take medical attention as soon as possible;

1. Pale and swollen tongue

A person can deduce that you are suffering from anaemia by just looking inside your tongue. When you have iron deficiency, your tongue will appear pale, swollen and sore. This will be resulted by the low haemoglobin in your body as well as myoglobin a protein that supports the tongue.

2. Dry skin and damaged hair

When your body is deprived of iron, it means the amount of oxygen in your body is minimal and hence directs it to other crucial body organs leaving your skin dry and in extreme cases, it can lead to hair loss.

3. Feeling very tired

You could experience unusual tiredness yet you haven't participated in any task. Reduced iron levels in your body lead to less oxygen circulating in your body and this deprives your body organs energy. Your heart will also try its best to pump the oxygenated blood throughout your body which will make you feel tired and worn out.