Kenyan producer Magix Enga alias Beat King has made another move that can lead to pulling down of a song dubbed Motigbana by Nigeria singer Olamide.

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The song currently has over 20 million views on YouTube. 

Magix Enga claims that Olamide used his beats which is dated 2 years ago yet Olamide's song is only 1 year old.

"Olamide, I also give you one week. (Olamide Pia Nakupa 1 Week) My Project file is 2 years old, your song is 1 year on YouTube. Otherwise you can call and explain by the end of this week" said Magix Enga in a Facebook post.

Olamide is the second artist that the Kenyan producer has accused of stealing his beats after Harmonize from Tanzania saw his music video 'Uno' pulled down from YouTube due to copyright claims by the producer. 

Magix Enga had earlier raised concerns that there should be music creativity as he warned those who steal the beats and use them for free without paying for it.

"I am privileged and grateful to bring my art and passion to my fans, I take that job seriously, and feel obliged to protect the freedoms of others like me who slave for little or no pay," reads part of a Facebook post