Tiaty Member of Parliament William Kamket said on Thursday that Deputy President Dr William Ruto will serve as a case study on how not to run for president.

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Speaking on Kenya Television Network (KTN), the fiery legislator contended that students of political history will have important lessons to learn from the DP after his consignment to political oblivion.

"In the fullness of time when all these matters are finished and when William Ruto will be in the political dustbin, students of political history will be taught lessons on how not to run for president from a deputy president's perspective. A case study of William Ruto," the Tiaty Member of Parliament said

Unlike Deputy President Dr William Ruto, Kamket said that the Kenya African National Union (KANU) was adopting a strategy of "respect and patience."

The Tiaty legislator has long railed against the DP, saying that Dr Ruto is disrespecting President Uhuru Kenyatta for engaging in what he describes as premature politics.

Kamket maintained that Baringo Senator and KANU leader Gideon Moi would contest the presidency in 2022 and was actively engaging, behind the scenes, with other political players in a bid to craft a strong coalition that will deliver the presidency.

The prospect of Gideon Moi's 2022 candidature has fueled speculation is widening cracks in the Rift Valley region.