Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has announced a planned demonstration in Nairobi on Friday.

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The outspoken MP on Thursday said the decision by his office to hold protests arose from government's failure to issue title deeds to his constituents after they bought land from the National Social Security Fund (NSSF).

"I will be leading residents of Embakasi East Constituency in a peaceful demonstration that will begin at the NSSF where we will eject the Chairman General Julius Karangi at 9:30am," the former SONU president said.

"From there, we will head to the Ministry of Lands to eject the officials from office. These people are incompetent and are working hand in hand with cartels to frustrate the hard working people of Embakasi East."

He alleged that NSSF sold land to residents in his constituency over 15 years ago and have never released their title deeds to them.

The youthful lawmaker also claims that his constituents took loans and sold assets in order to buy land from NSSF only to be scammed by people he alleges are still sitting in Government offices.

"Tomorrow, we will light a fire and they will learn that you cannot sit on the sweat of honest Kenyans!" he said.