Outspoken lawyer and author Miguna Miguna has attacked a female Member of Parliament from Nyanza for what he termed as going against the Luo culture.

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Miguna claimed he twice saw Rangwe legislator Dr Lilian Achieng Gogo eating ugali and fish using a fork, which is a disgusting thing for an adult to do according to Luo culture.

"I knew that something was wrong with this woman when I saw her eating ugali and fish with a fork, twice. In Luo culture, it is an abomination for a grown up to do that. This is how low the con-man's sycophants have reduced themselves to," Miguna tweeted on Friday. 

The vocal lawyer made the remarks after the MP was quoted by a local publication demanding for a law to combat farting on planes.

Gogo argued if farting cannot be managed well on board planes, it can cause discomfort and insecurity particularly during long flights.

“There is one irritant that is often ignored and this is the level of farting within the aircraft. There are passengers, who literary irritate fellow passengers by passing bad smell and uncomfortable fart," she said as quoted by Daily Nation, Thursday.

“If there is anyone given irritant that makes people fight on board, it is the fart, it is terrible within the plane,” the MP added.

Gogo made the proposal in the National Assembly during the debate on adoption of a report on amendments to the Montreal protocol of 2014.