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5 beauty benefits of turmeric powder

Faith Mekilavo
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Tumeric powder in a bowl together with some of its natural roots before being grinded [Photo/]

Tumeric is a spice that originated from South Asia and India. Its uses range from cooking to facial masks. 

Tumeric powder when mixed with different ingredients like honey, eggs, lemons and even yoghurt, produce a facial mask or paste that benefits your skin in so many different ways.

1. Helps in removing acne and any scarring 

Applying turmeric paste on your face helps to remove acne. You can also use this paste in other places on your skin where you have scars that you want to remove. 

2. Removes pimples or rashes

If you have a pimples problem, then turmeric powder is definitely for you. Facial mask made from this product have the ability to penetrate your skin and remove its oiliness property thus making you pimple free.

3. Restores your natural glow

We all want to have a natural glow that is present even when we wake up. Applying turmeric at least four times a week on your face will give you this result.

4. Brightens up your skin

After turmeric removes the acne or scarring that you have and clears up pimples/rashes, it will leave you radiated, sparkling and brighter.

5. Moisturises your skin

Some of us suffer from having a dry skin which makes the skin on our faces end up looking cracked or sometimes scaly. Tumeric paste however helps to keep your skin moisturised by attracting the oil from the glands in the skin to its surface.

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