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5 behaviors you should never accept in your relationship

Cornel Wawire
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Many people wish to have strong relationships yet don’t know how. There are many things that can break or make strong your relationship. Setting relationship goals, rules and boundaries will help you build a strong relationship. There are many things you cannot let grow in your relationship. Here are five things you cannot tolerate in your relationship:

A controlling partner

A health relationship is that which partners are equal. A controlling partner cannot be tolerated in a relationship. Such partners will always want what is the best for them in the relationship while ignoring the other partner’s needs.

Bad listener

A good relationship involves good communications between partners. Good communication comes with timely communications and good listening skills. When you listen to your partner, you will understand each other thus do as you agree.


Relationships are built around many things. A relationship involves supporting one another. A partner who doesn’t support you in a relationship doesn’t care about you. Just don’t tolerate an unsupportive partner.


There are many things partners differ with in relationships. However, a partner who is always negative about things in the relationship should not be tolerated as he/she will only breakup the relationship with their negativity.


People need various things in life. It is okay to help your partner in the relationship. However, a partner who is always needy should never be tolerated. Let him/her know that they should try to fix somethings on their own without asking for help.

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