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5 city fashion trends we just don't get (Photos)

A lady in fishnet stockings (photo/

Nairobians, we need to talk about the fashion massacres you exhibit every day. Most trend followers around the city are murdering fashion which they use inappropriately. They copy what they see on TV shows and prominent artists and fashionistas. Look, every fashion has its own place, time and occasion. 

However, the city stylists are murdering these trends by taking them to wrong places, occasions and even time. Here are five most fashion fails among the city people:

Fenty puma slides with socks

Look, people, such outfits are meant for walking around your compound and your house. However, some people around the city walk around in fenty puma slides and socks across blocks of dust cum garbage. You only attract dust and other staff on your socks for nothing.

Men in fenty slippers and socks (photo/

Fishnet stockings

Most ladies around the city are walking around in fishnet stockings. Such kind of wear is for strippers since they are made for a sexual appeal from their audience. Unless you are a prostitute, please don’t wear such stockings in public.

Fishnet stockings (photo/


Most men love women in leggings. Leggings are nude filters as they show exactly how you are made. Most of these wears can be transparent and thus showing off your skin. Unless your intentions are to show your skin through such leggings, please don’t wear them in public or say during the broad daylight.

 Leggings (photo/

Baggy clothes

There was an era where baggy clothes were the fashion. However, these days were long gone. People who still wear such clothes look funny and people can’t stop staring at then around the city.  Baggy clothes cause one stress pulling them up every time they want to fall off.

Men in baggy clothes (photo/

Tight men jeans

This is a trend for artists and other TV show actors. Look, they do this because it suits their work. Artists need tight jeans to allow them to do some acrobatic moves but not walk around the city with them. City people fail this trend by taking such wears around the city.

Tight jeans (photo/

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