Do you ever feel some burning sensation when you pee? Well, there are many things that could be wrong with your tool. One major cause of burning sensation when you pee is an infection. Men who feel their penis burn when they pee could be having gonorrhea or chlamydia. These infections affect the urinary tract making it hot when urine passes in there. 

Here are five ways to relieve the burning sensation after urination:

Eat well-balanced mealsMany articles have been written to emphasize the importance of watching your diet. Your health greatly depends on what you eat. Eating sugary and spicy foods can easily irritate your bladder’s lining. More so, such foods strain your bladder and kidneys in performing their functions.

Drink a lot of waterWater has many advantages in your body. It is believed that 70% of your body is made of water. Therefore, drinking enough water will help keep your body hydrated hence cleaning your system including your urinary tract. People should avoid drinks that cause dehydration.

Keep a good hygieneA good hygiene involves taking a bath daily and cleaning your clothes and your beddings. More so, always make sure you carefully clean your genitals after sex to avoid harmful bacterial infections. Products that cause irritation around your genitals should always be avoided.

Urinate immediately the urge comesPeople who delay this call of nature are most likely to feel a burning sensation when they urinate later on. It is always advisable that you answer this call immediately it comes. Making it wait will strain the bladder and the urinary tract irritating its walls.

Have protected sexThere are many ways to protect yourself during sex. One common way is through using a condom. Condoms will prevent you from infecting and getting infected with UTIs. Safe sex helps people avoid such infections which might be the reasons behind the burning sensation.