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5 funniest and surprising things men cannot do while having sex

Steve Hechio
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Hide erection(

These are the funniest and surprising things that men cannot do that in bed while making love. 

Moan in bed. notes that whereas ladies deliriously shout men’s names and making unrealistic promises while making love, guys rarely swear and grunt in pleasure during sex.

Have multiple orgasms.

Men only ejaculate once in a session. If a man cannot control his ejaculation, he will only experience orgasm once during the sex session and the next ejaculation will depend on a man’s refractory period.

Hide erection.

Erection can be embarrassing especially in public. Even though men have developed dozens of techniques to conceal the erection like trying to cross their legs, it is very difficult to hide that in bed. This is because probably you are in your birthday suit if you are putting on your thinnest underwear. 

Laugh while ejaculating.

When sexual act reaches the critical level of excitement, a man ejaculates but he cannot laugh. During the emission, a man experiences the sensation of inevitable ejaculation in form of heat or pressure and sometimes tremors. If you are a man and you doubt it, you can try laughing.

Urinate while ejaculating.

Scientifically speaking, during sexual arousal, muscles at the base of the bladder contract in order to close off the passage from the bladder into the urethra making it impossible to release urine during ejaculation.

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