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5 mistakes men make during sex

Pythie Meja
A couple in bed [Photo/93.1 WZAK]

All women like men, love and enjoy sex. Studies have indicated that women even think of sex so much as compared to men.

But sometimes they end up not enjoying the pleasure associated with the very same sex, with the most reason behind it being men. Men not doing the right thing to suit her. 

Some of the mistakes that men make are:

1. Giving to her quantity but not quality sex

Most men will get on her for so many hours, with so many 'shots', without knowing her interest is to reach an orgasm. With quality sex, giving her the right amount of it will carry the day. Spare your energy for other works

2. Over “spanking” her

Have moderation with your spanks, it is not whipping

 her ass.

3. Not Whispering to her

Men might end up focusing so much on his ups and downs, but women like to hear a whispering voice saying 'I love you, I am enjoying it,"

4. Not dedicating enough time to foreplay

Penetration is not the only pleasurable part, so don’t expect any woman to feel satisfied if that is all you can give to her. Have some good time for foreplay and oral sex before reaching there.

5. Being extremely rough on her breasts

Remember the breasts are some of her sensitive body parties, so you have to be gentle when handling them, and especially the nipples. Don't bite them.

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