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5 phrases men in love use

Cornel Wawire
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Being in love is such a beautiful thing. Love can change the way a person acts and thinks. Many people changed many things about them meeting that woman or man of their dreams. The way you speak will change and you will develop certain phrases that will show you are in love. Here are five phrases men in love uses on their women:

Can I help you

I man who truly loves you will always want to help.  He will always ask how he can help you when you are doing something. If at all you asks for help, he will be the first one to offer the help. He will never want to see you struggle when he can help.

I miss you

This is common among all people in love. A man in love will always miss his woman when she is far from him. The good times they spent together will always linger in his minds and this will make him miss her. He will always tell her how much he misses her.

I worry about you

There are many things that could prove dangerous to a woman. A man in love will never let his woman be exposed to danger. He will always tell her how he worries about her. This will let the woman know that there is someone who wishes them well in all their endeavors.

I will be there for you

He will always have your back whenever you need him. When you are feeling low and you want someone to cheer you up, this man will always be there for you. He will promise to be there for you whenever you want him.

You look amazing

He will always compliment your looks. Every day you meet him, he will not hesitate to tell you how amazing you are. He always wants you to feel great in every outfit you come out in.

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