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5 reasons why men are 'ashamed' of their wives

Cornel Wawire
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Most men are ashamed of their wives. This is evident in most of their daily activities. Men avoid walking with their wives to the market to buy food stuff or taking her for shopping. Mostly, such men will never be seen at places events with their wives. These are the common reasons such men are ashamed of the wives:

She is not educated or polished enough In any relationship, love will always come first. When you are in love with a lady whether educated or uneducated, marrying her will give your heart peace. However, some men have always been ashamed of their uneducated wives. They only want to see them at home and not at places other people will meet them. They are ashamed of how other people will talk about their uneducated wives.

That woman is not beautiful enough When you marry for a wrong reason, you will never marry the women of your dreams. Maybe you impregnated a neighbor and now you are forced to marry her. When a man marries a woman who is not beautiful, he will be looking at other beautiful women and become ashamed of his woman.

You married too early Men who marry too early tend to become ashamed of their wives as time goes by. After sometimes, men who married early will start seeing flaws in the wife which leads to resentment. When a woman gives birth early and isn’t taken care of well enough, she will lose her shape, and thus a man will lose interest in her.

Age difference Marriage should be between people of same age group. Marrying a woman who is very young than you or very old than you has a million challenges. All the same, a man will be judged by friends, family and even neighbors. He will be ashamed of this woman whom they have a big age gap.

A cheating man A man who cheats on his wife will never want to introduce her to the world. He will always be ashamed of how his friends, who know his traits will look at his woman. More so, they fear being bumped into by some of the ladies they cheat on their wives with.

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