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5 reasons why your partner will stop having sex with you

Pythie Meja
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Sex is one of the 'necessity' of many romantic relationships. It is always considered very crucial by many couples.

It comes a time when your partner is not into it anymore. He or she starts giving excuses every time you make your advances.

Sometimes you might have had so much sex that you get sensitive to touch down there, if your partner can say no because of this reason, then it is probably a genuine one.

But there are times when you hit a dry spell and he/s is not helping. No feelings with you, some of the reasons why your partner can deny you the conjugal rights includes:

 She/he is doubting your faithfulness

If you partner suspects you of cheating, or worse, has evidence, the urge to have sex with you ends. You will have to prove to your partner how you have changed before sex will resume again.

The partner could be stressed

It is obvious when you are stressed the mood for sex is square zero. Understanding and trying to be a stress reliever for your partner will count much.

Your partner has never finished during sex

In most cases this affects women, if you are always leaving her hanging at the top of the mountain what do you expect? She will develop fear.

The relationship is coming to an end

There is this swahili saying that goes like "Dalili ya mvua ni mawingu" simply meaning you will tell it is about to rain by seeing clouds.

The partner is cheating

After getting enough from the side kick, there is nothing left for you. Everything is totally drained from her/him.

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