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5 tips to have full body orgasms

Cornel Wawire
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Learn how to do Kegels (photo/

Everyone has a goal they want to achieve during sex with their partner. It is all people’s dream to make their partner reach their climax. With this in mind, there are many things partners are doing to attain their goals. There are different types of orgasms. However, if you want to achieve the whole body’s orgasms, there are several things you need to do.

Here are 5 things you should do to achieve full body orgasms:

Have a great foreplayWhen you talk about sex, foreplay must be involved. There is no good sex without foreplay. However, it is not just having a foreplay but making it the most amazing one. A good foreplay involves getting started with an erotic conversation about sex in a bid to learn your partners’ body. Talking dirty with your partner, kissing them where they love most, use your tongue appropriately.

Learn how to do KegelsKegel is an exercise aimed at making your pelvic floor muscles strong. Keeping these muscles strong will help you regulate your orgasms. The stronger the muscles, the strong and long your orgasm will be. Making kegel exercises your routine will help you have a full body orgasm.

Let things build upMost people are never patient to follow all steps that build up towards an amazing sex experience. Take time with your partner letting the sexual energy build through your body. Learn what works for your partner to help them build their sexual stimulation throughout their whole body.

Focus on your sensesTo help allow the sexual energy build up throughout your body, learn to listen to your senses. Always use your senses of touch, smell, feel and hear to sense your partners’ sense so that you have a pleasurable experience. This will help the two of you build up a rhythmic sexual energy throughout your body that will give you sensational orgasms.

Try different posesDifferent poses helps you achieve your orgasms. To have an intense and a full body orgasm, use different sex positions at different places in your room. You can use the bed, down on the floor or even on a chair to try these different positions. Different sex positions will help your partner get all over your body in a bid to stimulating it all.

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