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5 ways to make car sex memorable

Pythie Meja
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Couples can enjoy their conjugal rights from any conducive place of their choice, so long as the act does not abuse other people's rights.

This means you cannot engage in sexual activities at public places where people meet for different reasons.

Some of the simple ways of making car sex hot again include:

Adjust the car temperature to suit the act

It's okay to keep the car running with the A/C on low so the temperature inside the car doesn't become unbearable, do not lower the temperatures too much until no one is sweating. Car sex is supposed to be a little sweaty. At least have a small open space to allow fresh air in so that no one suffocates in the process.

The foreplay should come first

Sex car should also obey the rules, preparations should not be skipped. Foreplay always gets the juices flowing and leads to a more pleasurable experience.

Move the seats accordingly

For instance, if you choose to move the action to the backseat, moving both front seats completely forward and leaning them forward will give a decent amount of room to maneuver. Enjoy the free space created.

Utilize doggy style

This should be in the front seats. From the front seats, lay both of them back completely. Have the receiving partner face the rear windshield with one knee in the driver seat and the other in the passenger seat. Bend your partner forward over the center console aligned between the front seats that are laid completely back. Instinct will take over once you see how perfectly your partner's bottom looks in the air. Just enjoy slowly, especially when the car is yours and not a tax or a hired one.

Take advantage of the angles

Unlike the bedroom, different angles will just come to your mind once in the process. Just don't be a slow learner to figure out what is coming in your mind. All the best car owners. 

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