Former National Assembly Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim has decried the handshake that brought President Uhuru Kenyatta and veteran opposition and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Raila Odinga.

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In a tweet on Wednesday, Maalim contended that the handshake had gone against the expectations of Kenyans, saying it had caused suffering everywhere.

"We celebrated the handshake because when two elephants fight the grass suffers & we didn't want our beautiful Kenya to suffer. Little did we realize that when two elephants are making love the grass continues to suffer. Our Kenya is bleeding everywhere you look at. GOD save us!!" his tweet read.

The handshake brought to an end a period of political uncertainty after the disputed 20, October 2017 repeat presidential election that saw the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta declared the winner.

In spite of restoring normalcy to the country, the ceasefire between Uhuru and Raila has not been without critics.

Critics say that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is a scheme to reward individuals with leadership positions.

Raila, BBI's chief proponent, contends that the initiative will usher the country into a less divisive political future.

Deputy President William Ruto's allies are among the initiative's biggest critics.

Supporters say that the BBI has created a conducive environment for doing business.