Popular Kamba musician Stephen Kasolo is now claiming that his fellow musician 'Ringtone' Apoko is threatening him.

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In a post on his Facebook account on Wednesday, Kasolo claimed that Ringtone was furious because he shared a video of Rose Muhando's latest song 'Kenya Ulindwe' on his YouTube account.

He says he had the consent of Muhando before uploading the song on his account.

"Kenyans Now Ringtone is threatening my life after Rose Muhando allowed me to Upload her music ( Uhuru Song /Kenya Ulindwe) in my YouTube Account. This morning Rose spoke to Ngomma Company via Maurice and said she's the one who allowed that song to be in my account. Again Rose has spoken to Kuria (Royal Media concerning that Song)," wrote Kasolo.

He, however, said that he was not afraid of Ringtone and he was ready to die for Muhando.

The Kamba musician further claimed that he is the one who introduced Ringtone to the veteran Tanzanian songbird.

"Ringtone Should keep off from threatening my life!!! Now my question is... Is that song having any of Ringtone's Vocals? Now am ready to die because of Rose Muhando!! Ringtone should know that I'm the one who connected him to Rose (Mimi ndiye nilimconect na Rose) Fulstop," he noted. 

Ringtone and Rose Muhando released a song 'Walionicheka' together two weeks ago which has attracted 845,000 views.