Al-Shabaab militants are believed to be plotting for a major attack in Nairobi, seven months after killing at least 21 people at Dusit D2 hotel, intelligence reports have indicated.

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In January this year, the militants sneaked to Nairobi and attacked the Hotel in Westland, not far from Westgate Mall, which was also attacked in 2014.

Voice of America journalist Harun Maruf, in a tweet on Wednesday, said reports in Somalia indicate that the militants are now keen to invade the capital, despite increased surveillance.

"Intelligence reports warn about possible Al-Shabaab attack in Nairobi, Kenya in July or August, as the militant group may have smuggled explosive materials into the country. Potential targets include tourist sites where there are lots of foreigners, per reports. #Kenya #Somalia," he said.

Early this week, Al-Shabaab militants executed a woman in Somalia believed to be sharing intelligence briefs to KDF. Kenyan troops have intensified crackdown in Somalia, killing several militants in process.

Last month, Intelligence Reports in Kenya indicated that over 40 militants had crossed into Kenya. The militants were plotting retaliatory attacks following their failed mission in Dawaduba.

“Unconfirmed reports indicate that the militant group has given an ultimatum that they want weapons recovered from them in Dawaduba returned within the next 24hrs or they will vent their anger on the local community within Lafey sub- county,” reads the security report.

Interestingly, days after leaking of the report, Al-Shabaab militants killed 7 police officers in Wajir through an IED. The officers were pursuing the militants after they abducted three officers.

Late last month, they tried to attack a police station at Yuumbis in Garissa but they were repulsed. Police Communication Director Charles Wahong'o said security officers were alert.

"Security agencies remain on high alert to suppress and counter Al-Shabaab's heightened activity along the border with Somalia," he said.