President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered good tidings to mourners on Friday at the funeral of city lawyer and insurance magnate Karanja Kabage.

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The head of state personally promised to ensure that a number of roads in Nakuru are complete so that residents can move around and do business with ease.

Uhuru promised to have the roads going to Kabarnet and Rongai completed, triggering a round of applause and ululations from the mourners.

"This one I will also construct for you, this one going to Kabarnet. Even the other one from here to Rongai. I will also construct that one for you. Those are the issues that we are concerned with. (Ino nayo kumuthondekera, eno ya guthie Kabarnet. Na eno ya kuumira haha guthie kinya Rongai. Ona eyo niguthondeka. Maondo macio nimo twina fata namo.), " the president said.

Funds to construct the roads will come from the central government.

The president also pledged to stand with the family that the late Kabage has left behind.

Other leaders including ODM leader Raila Odinga, DP Ruto and Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui also attended the funeral ceremony which was held in Nakuru County.

Speakers hailed Kabage as a hard worker with a great sense of integrity. 

An autopsy report found out that he died of cardiac arrest.