Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi on Saturday made a passionate appeal to communities in the North Rift region.

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Speaking during the signing of a peace deal hailed as a milestone, the legislator called on the communities to embrace peace deal.

"Let us unite and be one. I want to request you that let us abide by what we have agreed to today. (Sisi wote tushikane tuwe kitu kimoja. Mimi nataka niwaombe nyinyi wananchi ile maneno tumepitisha hapa tusimame na hiyo maneno.), " the Kapseret Member of Parliament said. 

Oscar Sudi called on chiefs and community elders to work together to ensure that the peace deal is not breached.

He impressed upon the residents to embrace peace as doing so would bring about development in the North Rift.

The North Rift region has long been ravaged by conflict fueled, by and large, by cattle rustling and banditry.

Communities in the North Rift pledged to bury their differences for the benefit of peace and development, ushering a new chapter away from conflict.

Security operations in the region have not yielded much in the way peace.

It is hoped that the diplomatic approached by the leaders will help in pacifying a region that has known conflict for the longest time.