Singer Esther Akoth popularly known as Akothee is once again celebrating for having her Instagram account verified. 

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Through a video that the popular female Kenyan artist posted on her Instagram account, Akothee is seen jumping all over her house for this good news. 

She opened up saying that it took her long before her account was finally verified. 

Akothee, in the video, brags to her followers who used to ask why her account was not verified, by showing them that the long-awaited dream has finally come true. 

She advised her followers that everything in life has its own time, just like the verification of her Instagram account had its own time.

“Come everyone come online, we finally got Verified, where are all those idiots who were asking why I am not yet Verified, it’s because time had not come, now come tell me what you wanted to tell me now that I am Verified,” wrote Akothee.

“Now tell me what you wanted to do with me with the blue tick. Because now, I will insult you😣, abuse you, and you will not report me anywhere, in fact, I am flying business class to Rongo tomorrow everybody will know me in that flight 🤣😂😂, my grandma must see this” she added.