Kenya's top gospel musician Willy Paul has now revealed that Jamaican musician Alaine has finally unblocked him, and started talking to him.

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In an Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, Willy Paul thanked his fans for sharing his message widely.

"Thank you guys for helping me deliver my message to Alaine she responded but not what I wanted to hear.. but I'm glad I've been unblocked and we are now good.. thank you. Ameileta tena side ya mzikii sana manze badala ya ile mambo ya mkunaji.. anyway, it's all good.. would you love to see us do another one??" he said.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Willy Paul narrated how he had tried reaching Alaine, but his efforts did not bear fruit.

He urged his fans to share his message widely so that the Jamaican artistes can see it and act accordingly.

"Alaine, we were so good together dear, to be honest meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true.. when u see a man admitting to such, that' means something big. I woke up today feeling some type of way, you use to like my pics and comment on them.. nowadays I call you and you dont pick.. you dont even reply to my messages (Sic)," Willy Paul's message read in part.