Mombasa songbird Mwanaisha Abdala, popularly known as Nyota Ndogo has narrated how her best friend almost infected her with HIV. 

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Through a long message on her Instagram wall, the "Watu na Viatu" hitmaker highlights how her friend stole her husband's number from her phone and started seducing him. 

Her jealous friend, who was staying with her in her house, knowing very well that she was HIV positive wanted to seduce her husband so that she could infect him with the virus and in turn, pass on to Nyota Ndogo.

"BINADAMU NIWABAYA SANA .HII STORY NI YANGU SOMA ILI IKUKINGE NA WAOVU. Nilikua na rafiki yangu moja tulikua tunapenda sana. So tulikua tunaongea mengi wakati huo nadate na babaake barka. This lady siku moja aliingia kwa simu yangu akachukua number ya baba barka akaanza kuchat nae.

(Human beings are very bad. This is my story read it so that it protects yourself from evil. I had a close that we loved each other so much. We were talking a lot when I was dating Barka's father. One day she sneaked into my phone and stole Barka's father number and started chatting with him)" she said.

Luckily enough, Barka's father informed Nyota Ndogo. She faced her best friend who fell down on her knees begging for forgiveness.  The two parted ways since she didn't want her friend to have a good relationship. 

After one year, news reached Nyota Ndogo that her friend only wanted to infect her man with HIV. 

"So after one year nikaja kuambiwa kua yule rafiki yako alikua hamtaki yule boyfriend yako kitu hukujua ni rafiki yako anaukimwi kwa miaka sasa na alikua anataka ampate yule mume alale nae ampe ugonjwa yule nae akupe wewe.

So after on year, someone told me that my friend didn't love my man and that she has been having the virus for years now and she wanted to get that man to sleep with him and give him the virus which he would have to pass it to you)" she added. 

She regretted having someone as a close friend but the only thing she wanted was to harm her.