Phones in relationships determine a lot. It can get couples close to each other or even tie them apart. 

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To keep your relationship safer, one needs to have phone etiquette in their relationships. 

Here are some of the phone etiquettes that every partner in a relationship must adhere to;

1. Avoid putting your phone on silent mode

Putting your phone on silent mode when around your partner can result in making them think that you are hiding something. For that matter, it is advisable always to avoid putting your phone on silent mode.

2. Answer your partner’s call with sweet words

Whenever your partner calls, it is good to start the conversation with words such as ‘Hi love’ or Hi sweetheart.’ That is important as the way you start your conversation will highly determine how the conversation will flow.

3. Save your partner’s phone number using a unique title

Another phone etiquette that partners in relationships should follow is saving their spouse with a unique title. Keeping your spouse with a special title, highly reflect how much he or she means to you. Saving your partner using their official name makes them look like the rest of other people in your contact list.