Most people walk out of sex disappointed because they did not prepare enough for the act.

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Learning the best sex tips and hacks will ensure that you always get satisfied and also satisfy your partner.

Below are some sure hacks for better sex:

1. Ditch the heels

When a woman reaches orgasm, her pelvis arches in a particular way and some heels can cause your pelvis to arch in an unnatural manner lessening orgasm intensity. Flats are your friend.

2. Drink water

Sex is exercise after all and you wouldn't do any other sort of exercise without a drink, would you? The more you drink, the more lubricated your body is.

3. Avoid booze

The opposite of water. It dries your body out causing your vagina to dry up or erectile dysfunction.

4. Wear socks

In a study where men and women were trying to give each other an orgasm, some complained of being cold. When they popped some socks on, they achieved more orgasms than those who didn't.

5. Positive reinforcement

Women who feel comfortable with the look of their vagina are likely to have more orgasms. so guys, tell her it's the best one you've ever seen!

6. Mix things up 

Women are more likely to achieve orgasm if they engage in different sex acts. So, think outside the box when it comes to your sex life.