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6 tips to a happy and joyful life

David Rakewa
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Life is short as the saying goes. The secret of a happy life may not be inborn but can be learned. In this article, you will find the tips on how to live a happy, joyous and successful life.

Smile always

Smiling is so much important and you may not know this, it is the best way to fake happiness and it is funny how you actually become happy when you smile. Researchers reported that when you fake a smile, you activate certain muscles on your face that are attached to joy and happiness. Just always remember that smile brings happiness and happiness brings smile so smile all through.

Have positive thoughts

Many times you have been told by either friends or family members to think positive whenever something bad happens to you. The more you give in to negative thoughts the stronger they become so get yourself used to think positive, think of the positive side of the bad story. Thinking positive relaxes your heart and mind providing favorable conditions for joy and happiness to thrive. So think positive!

Take life easy, not too seriously

Life is serious yes, but don't take it too seriously unless you want to rob yourself of joy and happiness. Try and get amused by your mistakes and laugh loud at yourself. Do things that you really love and make sure you have fun while doing them. Life is hard, yes but look at the easy aspects of it and live it up.

Learn to forgive

Forgiving is the best way of letting go anger, sadness and resentment. Many people don't understand the truth behind forgiving; when you forgive you experience some feeling of relief and freeness from extreme anger that only make your life worse. Holding grudges only restrict your life to misery. Learn to love and forgive. 

Learn to relax

Relaxing is not only vital to joy and happiness but also to health. Being relaxed and free from stress, depression and logged mind makes you happy and feel healthy. The current life is so busy however, you can take some of your time and relax from your busy schedule. After long hours of job, you can reward yourself by finding somewhere to relax and experience the slow and happy life.

Only do what you love

Doing what you love makes you see the worth of being alive. Some people only think they were born to make more and more money. Come on! Go have fun, only do what you love, don't do things because your friends or brothers or sisters do them too. Don't waste your early ages making money only to start having fun when you are in your fifties. We only live once, do what makes you happy - do what you love.

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