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6 weird signs of pregnancy

David Rakewa
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There are plenty of weird signs of pregnancy that are worth knowing. Once you get pregnant your body undergoes changes and starts sending you signals that may or may not shock you as a woman. So when they show up you should not be surprised but instead find what to do about them. Here are five weird signs of pregnancy.


When you get pregnant your blood flow increases and the metabolism rate increases too warming up the body making you sweat a lot even when your body is not in an active exercise. The sweating may show up in odd places like your belly, in between your legs. It is good to consult your doctor for advice.

Your nipples get bigger and darker

Your body is preparing to nurse a new born and so your nipples grow bigger and darker in readiness for breastfeeding. They darken up because of hormone exchange in your body and they grow bigger for the baby to easily find them. Bumps may also form around your nipples as well. 

Your shoes don't fit your feet anymore

Many women report that their feet grow big or swell as soon as they become pregnant. Experts revealed that this is brought by accumulation of fluids in your ankles so don't get surprised when this happens to you and your pregnancy test turns positive.

Pain on your hips

Hip pain is caused by relaxin hormone that is mainly active during pregnancies. The relaxin hormone causes the relaxation of the hip joints in readiness for delivery. The hormone widens the hips to open up the baby exit during delivery. 

You experience weird dreams

A report indicates that most women have weird dreams when they are pregnant. The hormonal change in the body tend to make women sleep a lot encouraging dreams and nightmares. A pregnant woman will remember her dreams more than a normal woman. 

Weird discharge from down there

According to, women will secrete sticky, white, or pale-yellow mucus early on in the first trimester and throughout their pregnancy. This is caused by increased blood flow and hormonal changes in the female body. This increases during pregnancy to prevent infections as your cervix and vaginal walls soften in readiness for delivery. You are advised to see your doctor should the discharge start smelling, itching or turning greenish yellow in colour.

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