Dates are supposed to be fun where two people get to know each other. While people are on their first date, both partners are expected to ask each other questions that will make them know each other well. 

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However, when it comes to things that one should open up about on a first date, here are some of those that as a lady, you should not reveal to him'

1. You sometimes feel lonely

Yes, being single for a long time will indeed make you feel lonely sometimes. But this should never be revealed to a guy whom you are still getting to know. Acknowledging this will make the guy undermine you and try to take advantage of you on the first date.

2. Medical history

If you happen to have gone through some medical difficulties in your past, you should make sure that you don’t open up about it on your first date. Main reason being, he is not a doctor, and somehow he might not be that interested in medical history on your first date.

3. You have trust issues

It is known that trusting people that you meet is hard. However, being transparent with him on the first date that you have trust issues might make him feel demoralized. Therefore, even though you’ve got trust issues, avoid spilling the message and let the guy earn your trust slowly.