Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has sought to correct Malik Obama's thoughts that pretending to be white would attract reactions from the world. 

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Malik, half brother to ex-US President Barrack Obama has equally been controversial and even backed Donald Trump in the previous elections, where Obama was on Hillary Clinton's side.

In a tweet on Wednesday, he sought to know what the world would feel were he to wear a white face, given that he is not a white man.

"Questions folks: What would people say if I were to wear a white face?" he tweeted, a question that was fired back by Miguna who stated that such would attract zero reaction.

The former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant observed that being just a common man from a black country, Malik's white face would be inconsequential.

He added that Malik has zero power and hails from a nation that has never had any international effect and should not, therefore, expect anything to happen.

"Malik: they will not think of anything because you have zero power over those the world refer to as the WHITE RACE and you have never had that power. Neither you nor the race or nation you are affiliated with has ever enslaved or colonized anyone. It's not a trivial matter," Miguna said.

The deported lawyer has been attacking and criticizing local leaders whenever he feels they are going astray.