The Judiciary is not an independent body, lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has said. 

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In a series of tweets, the lawyer said that the executives in the government have been influencing the decisions made by the judiciary. 

He noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have not protected the independence of the judicial system since they took overpower. 

He also lauded Chief Justice David Maraga for doing his best as far the leadership of the organ is concerned. The lawyer reminded the Jubilee government to fight for the rights of the Judiciary to ensure that the law is fully protected.

“The fortunes of the Kenyan Judiciary in the past 3 yrs under the ABLE leadership of CJ Maraga has taken a battering in terms of independence, accountability, integrity, and fidelity to the law. Despite the gallant struggle by many Kenyans, our Judiciary is NOT Independent of,” he tweeted.

Ahmednassi also said that the decisions of most courts are often biased based on the levels. 

Grand Mullah claimed that the cases of a huge magnitude never go far because they affect different personalities in the government and they always want to influence them in one way or another making tough for the judges and magistrates to ensure justice is served to the complainant.

“The executive in SENSITIVE POLITICAL cases. The executive depending on the tier handling the case gets the result it WANTS. According to a study I undertook on judicial independence in the 4 tiers of our court system, the influence of the executive is extensive, the grip firm,” he added.