President Uhuru Kenyatta affirmed that he will not relent in his quest to make Kenya a corruption-free nation before he leaves power. 

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While directing National Intelligence Service (NIS), Director Philip Kimeru to take action in his State of the Nation speech in Mombasa, 

Uhuru said that the days of the corrupt are numbered. He ordered Kimeru to ensure that corruption cartels are smoked out of their hideouts with immediate effect. 

The President said that he is not happy with the fact that a few individuals are reaping from the sweat of the hard-working Kenyans through dubious means. The head of state argued that time for dealing with the cartels is either now or never. 

“All these cartels have become leeches sucking the blood and sweat of hardworking Kenyans,” he said.

He also asked the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti to swing into action with immediate effect once they get a tip-off from the NIS to ensure the country is crime-free.

“Once this review is completed, I further direct the DCI to take necessary action, working alongside the DPP, to confront these cartels with every instrument available,” he added.

The President also faulted the court for failing his government in the war against the vice. He said that the court needs to pull up its socks in handling cases to give his government ample time to deliver on its promises.