Dating a workaholic is not easy. There are many sacrifices you must make to ensure things work in your love life. A workaholic rarely gets time to be with you in life. You must plan your time properly to make things smooth. 

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Unless you understand him or her, you are bound to part ways after a few months of dating. Here are 3 ways to spice up your relationship if your partner is a workaholic

1. Do not compete with other couples

Competing with other couples will bring you down for no good reason. Understand that you have differences in life. Concentrate on your areas of strength as a couple. It is also worth noting that you have different dreams to pursue in life. Ensure you stick to your lane while dating.

2. Stop being too nagging

Some partners can be nagging at times. A nagging spouse is a thorn in the flesh. Your partner is ever working because he or she desires a good life. Do not be on his or her neck all the time. Give him or her some space to do the things that matter in life. 

3. Understand his or her routine

It can be important to know his or her routine. It will be easy to date if you know what he or she plans to do on a daily basis. Make sure your plan is in line with his or her goals.