WhatsApp graced our lives some years back but right now it's one of the most used social media applications in the world. 

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Its use is increasing on a daily basis with nearly everyone using or talking about it. The application has been reported to have profound benefits including boosting your psychological well-being

A research conducted by Edge Hill University concluded that using WhatsApp to communicate with family members and friends is healthy for your psychological well-being. People who happened to spend more time on this messaging app recorded a substantial increase in their self-esteem. 

Their study also suggested the use of WhatsApp can help rub off loneliness.

However, a previous study found out that the use of social media can have some negative effects on a person's mental health. 

A study conducted in 2006 by the University of Copenhagen led to what researchers call "Facebook envy", jealousy building from viewing other people posts which depict a higher social standard. 

The research by Edge Hill University involved 44 men and 58 women, all of them being 24 years. Most of those who took part in the research were actively participating in WhatsApp group chats. This group affiliation depicted little to no loneliness from the side of WhatsApp users.