Former presidential candidate Prof James Ole Kiyiapi has expressed his anger at reports that 90 legislators attended a conference in the United States at the taxpayers' expense.

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In an angry reply on Tuesday to a tweet by a local media station, the renowned scholar said the country was out of control.

He wondered why Kenya would send a bloated legislative delegation to a conference that would bring no value to the country.

"We are like a country out of control. Why, for what purpose would our institutions of governance allow such a delegation to leave the country? Sabotage!1414," Prof Kiyiapi's reply read.

His intervention comes amid widespread revulsion at the legislators' visit to the United States.Other countries that sent delegations to the Tennessee conference sent lean delegations with Portugal and Nigeria sending 2 and 20 each.

Veteran opposition and the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader Raila Odinga piled pressure on the National Assembly to explain the 'extravagant' trip.

Raila said that it was a shame that the legislators decided to embark on the trip when the United States, the host, sent only 9 representatives.

The revelations come amid tough economic times that have seen big companies fire employees and as the government claims it is strapped for cash.