Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has poked more holes in Punguza Mizigo Proposals 2019, terming it an Economic Sham.

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 In a series of tweets, Kipkorir said that the government has no funds to sustain several elections per year. 

The lawyer said that it doesn’t make sense to hold different elections for the Presidency and Members of Parliament when the government has other issues to handle.

 He argued that the proposals will make the expenditure of the government more expensive in the long run. 

He insisted that there is need for the proposals to be revisited before they are presented to the county assemblies for approval.

“PunguzaMzigobill2019 is an Economic Sham:2.i. The Bill proposes 5 Yr Term for MPs & 7 Year One Term for President saying it will reduce Parliamentary Bill by 31B annually ...In this scenario, we will have 5 seperate Elections Of 1st 10 Years Post-Amendment ,” he tweeted.

The lawyer noted that each election approximately costs Sh.50 billion, adding that the polls will shrink the economy of the nation if the people back the proposals at the end of the day. 

He warned against the recommendations from the Thirdway Alliance Party Leader, saying Kenya is not ready for the same.

 “Each Election will costs IEBC 50B ... And every Election Year, Kenya’s Economy shrinks ... Our Economy will therefore shrink 5 Times in 10 years & thereafter every Two Years during the Presidential & Parliamentary Elections overlap. This Bill wil destroy our Economy,” he added.