As Kenyans celebrate Moi Day, a holiday named after retired President Daniel Arap Moi, vocal lawyer Miguna Miguna has hit out at the former Head of State over his 24 years in leadership.

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In a series of tweets, Miguna referred to Kenya's second and longest serving Head of State as a looter, tribalist and branded him 'the architect of mediocrity and disunity in Kenya'. 

"Daniel Moi brutalized and plundered Kenya for 24 years. He institutionalized tribalism, incompetence and cronyism as the basis for hiring and firing public servants. He is the architect of mediocrity and disunity in Kenya," he posted.

The vocal lawyer accused the retired president of oppressing the media, encouraging land grabbing and perpetuating political assassinations.

"Daniel Moi murdered academic freedom, free press and creativity in our education system. Moi encouraged crooks, criminals and scoundrels to grab any public land they could find. He made torture, political assassinations and extra-judicial killings a way of life," Miguna said.

He further compared Moi to his predecessor Kenya's founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta saying he was 'worse' than him.

"Kenyatta killed KADU and made Kenya a de facto one-party tyranny; Moi buried all opposition parties and made Kenya a de-jure one man and one party tyranny. Moi banned all progressive and revolutionary books from universities. He created the mess that is Kenya now," he posted.