More Kenyans have continued to poke holes into the national census questionnaire being used by officials from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS).

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Renowned lawyer Donald Kipkorir has concluded that the questionnaire was drafted by 'foreigners' for making a 'false assumption' that all Kenyans who live in urban areas owns nothing in the villages.

In a tweet on Sunday, the outspoken lawyer noted that final data collected by KNBS will be inaccurate since most city dwellers still own many assets in rural areas which are not being recorded since questions about them have not been raised during the ongoing census.

"The #Censuskenya2019 questionnaire must have been done by Foreigners... 90% of Kenyans living in Urban Towns still belong to the village... Yet, they never asked us about farms we have, cows we keep, camels we own... The Census Report will not have accurate info on our Economy," Kipkorir posted.

Vocal activist Ndung’u Wainaina has also waded into the debate, urging Kenyans to interrogate the questionnaire, since there could a hidden agenda on the kind of data being sought.

"It is very important for Kenyans to seriously interrogate the #Censuskenya2019 questions. Kenyans will be able to ascertain who are likely framers of the questions, intent and possible final endgame. There are certain questions being asked that raise more questions on #census2019," Wainaina tweeted on Sunday.

Former Assistant Minister Prof James Ole Kiyiapi, who was enumerated in the city, wondered why he was never asked about his properties in the village.

"Have just been ENUMERATED. The questionnaire is silent on resources held by urban dwellers in their home counties or rural areas. For example, if I live in Nairobi because of work, it assumes all I own must be in Nairobi City County. OR Maybe this information is not important," posted the former presidential candidate.