Nakuru town has been growing leading to increased population.

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This has created business opportunity for those with an eye in entrepreneurship.

Here are small businesses that most Nakuru women have featured into:

1. Shoes shining 

  Pass near Telkom headquarters on Moi road, Nakuru and you will find a woman shining other people's shoes for a fee. It is a good venture to earn a living.

2. Hawking

This is another venture taken by our mothers and sisters. This is despite its risky surroundings that have seen hawkers clash with city askaris.

3. Tout

The matatu industry is these days no longer a man's empire. Women have ventured into the industry taking up jobs as drivers and conductors. In Nakuru, several women have taken up the jobs in routes such as Bahama and F.A.T saccos.

4. Cleaning services

Women have taken up cleaning services to estates. These services include Mama Nguo, cleaning utensils for big families every morning as well as those hired to clean buildings.

5. Security guards 

Women are these days as good as male soldiers. Apart from serving in the discipline forces, women are joining private guards in the country.

In Nakuru we have many women serving as guards.