A fire drill at Nation Center in Nairobi caused panic among the employees who work at the building on Friday.  

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The occupants of the offices at the tower were evacuated after the fire was reported on the second floor of the tower.

In a short video which was shared on social media by Nairobi News, firefighters are seen being raised to the second floor of the building as workers continue to be evacuated. 

An ambulance from Nairobi City Council is on standby in case of any casualties. Several onlookers gather outside as the police try to control the situation.

After some time, the firefighters are lowered as the firefighting trucks are loaded up in preparation to leave. The ambulance is also seen driving away.

Unknown to the workers and the spectators, the whole process was a fire drill which is a practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire. 

The fire drill is carried out periodically at an organization to test its preparedness in case of a real fire break.

The Nation centre building hosts some of the renown companies in the country including the Nation Media Group.

There were no casualties reported during the fire drill.