Deputy President William Ruto has reverted to his initial habit of attacking opposition boss Raila Odinga, after months of calm between the government and opposition.

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The former allies enjoyed months of calm after Raila's truce with President Uhuru Kenyatta early last year, a calm that is, however, being eroded by Ruto's scepticism about the truce.

As much as he is convinced that he will win the 2022 presidential race which could see him battle it out with the former Prime Minister, there is need for the DP to go slow on attacking Raila.

He should note that Raila has always had a way of frustrating sitting presidents, especially those who have defeated him and should try not to create further enmity between the two of them.

Failure to this, Ruto might be the next victim in the very unlikely instance that he beats the son of Jaramogi in the race.

Raila might come out to oppose his leadership, with the sole intention of revenging for the insults and humiliation he is currently receiving from a man he tutored.

The DP should remember that so far, Raila is the only politician in Kenya who has the ability to call out hundreds of thousands of Kenyans in demonstrations.

This is one of the situations that he might have to deal with if he wins in 2022, with Raila very likely to get reasons to either oppose his win.

Raila is also known for his corruption scandal revelations, which he might use to sabotage the DP's government after 2022 if Ruto continues to anger him.

Most of these will be believed by most Kenyans, considering that the DP is already having a lot of corruption scandals hanging over his head, which might make him an untrusted head of state.

Opposition in parliament is the other headache he might have to deal with if he continues fighting Raila, considering that the worst he (Raila) can achieve is becoming second.

It's very likely that just as he has done before, he will use his troops in both houses to frustrate the government and its agenda, which will derail the government's agenda.

This way, if Ruto makes it, he will hardly manage to do anything meaningful, which could see him either fail to secure a second term or leave no legacy upon completion of his tenure.